My Psalms

My Psalms

I write psalms because their purpose is to ascribe great worth to God. Glory be to the Name of Almighty God! 

#1 – for Hilde, a glorious woman of God 

Light my path.
Let me walk with purpose.
Unchain me by Your power.
Cast out my fears.
Destroy my doubts.
Let Your grace abound in me.
Let my concern be for others.
Set my heart on fire for You.
Free me to love as Jesus does.
Let Your words be my words.
Let hope be as a rushing tide.
Be with me in my daily race.
Be with me in the embrace of night.
Hold my hand.
Smile at me.
Whisper Your love,
and hear my heart sing…
For I am Yours,
and You are mine.

#2 – for the saints

Dear God…
We know You are there.
Your saints are in need of thee.
Our voices cannot speak
to the heaviness in our hearts.
We are reduced to groans,
we sit amongst the ashes of this world
and long for Your gentle touch.
Days become nights
and then become days again:
We are consumed with the fever of life,
but do not seek the solace that is Your embrace.
Teach us to listen…
Teach us to be still in the wonder of Your creation
that we might hear the voice
of the One who loves.
In the darkness,
never let us doubt
what You have told us in the light.
Let the only thing we fear
be You, O LORD.
Thank you for watching silently…
in great nobility,
over our lives.
Age to age the same,
attested by our voices
echoing into eternity:
You remain Almighty God the Father,
forever praised!
Just, pure, holy and Righteous Judge,
be exalted, O Ancient of Days!

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