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The Word of God… Preached
-For an entire slate of the preaching of God’s word in power, spirit and truth, select and download sermons to your PC in MP3 format, and/or listen to selected sermons on an embedded player, to your heart’s content from this. You will not be disappointed!!

The 2017 American Eclipse
-A solar eclipse is occurring Monday, August 21, 2017 across the USA. Is it a phenomenon that should be regarded as an occasion for a party, or as a warning from God that His judgment will fall on a rebellious nation? For a discussion, read this.

My 2 Cents’ Worth
-Is there an ‘end of days’ or will everything just go on in the world as we know it today? Is the world just great, or is the world a mess? What is going to happen, and why? For a discussion, read this.

The Final Frontier
-What is the ‘final frontier’? Does one’s heart and mind play a role in it? How does it all work? For a discussion, read this.

What Makes You Special?
-Are you special? If so, what makes you special? Do you find yourself boasting about what makes you special? Believers are special, and they boast in the best way possible! For a discussion, read this.

Salvation On 1 Page
-Do you know the LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ today? Are you saved and heading for the Kingdom of heaven? Do you need to know how to get to the Kingdom of heaven? It is not hard to do, as God has, in His mercy and compassion toward us, made it simple. For the best news ever, read this.

Prayer Is A Battle
-Prayer is central and critical to the Christian faith, and in the Christian’s life. Did you know that prayer is a battle? For a discussion, read this.

“What is that to you?”
-Jesus had stern words for those who want to, out of selfishness or other ulterior motive, know what it is not for them to know. In all things, God has a purpose for each and every one of us, and we are to follow Him. For a discussion, read this.

Persecution… Count On It
-Christianity is a faith choice that is… increasingly… coming under persecution. Why would this be? What should a Christian reaction to persecution be? For a discussion, read this.

Judging Others
-Should Christian believers ever judge anyone? People who are not Christians often accuse Christians of judging others… and are turned off by Christianity as a result. Whose place is it to judge? The answer may surprise you. For a discussion, read this.

Common Sense Apologetics
-Is defending and proving our Christian faith burdensome? It really doesn’t have to be that way. For a discussion, read this.

A Limited Time Offer
-An offer that is the most phenomenal one ever… it is free for the asking! What could be better? However, it is available only for so long, and then it is gone forever, without a second chance to possess it. For a discussion, read this.

The Few… the Forgiven… the SAVED
-What we should all be! For a discussion, read this.

“Give me strength, Lord” … Really??
-Is asking for strength a proper way to pray to God? Is there something else that it would be better for us to be doing? For a discussion, read this.

The Plain Sense of Holy Scripture
-Is there a way to understand what we read in Holy Scripture? Many people wonder about what is written in the Holy Bible… does it all have a literal meaning, or what? For a discussion, read this.

The Small Watches of the Night
-Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, and wondered why? Would you believe that God has His purpose in that? You were not meant only for daylight hours, insofar as God is concerned! For a discussion, read this.

-What does it mean to be broken? Can broken be fixed? Yes, it can be… and far beyond just ‘fixed’. For a discussion, read this.

“Your Faith Doesn’t Make Sense!”
-Did you ever have someone say to you that your Christian faith doesn’t make sense? How can we reply to that? Do Christians have the truth, or not? For a discussion, read this.

Dry Valley, High Hope
-We all have “dry valleys” in our lives…times when we don’t feel that God is working in our lives, times when we feel as though God has abandoned us, or just doesn’t care about what is going on in our lives. However, we have “high hope” as well, and that in much more abundance than “dry valleys”… if we have God. For a discussion, read this.

Praying with Conviction
-Prayer is direct communication with Almighty God. When Jesus Christ died, the veil in the Temple in Jerusalem that hid the Most Holy Place was rent completely in two; this was more than a symbolic act: the way was made possible for all God’s people to have direct access to Him. We have the most awesome privilege imaginable: to pray to God Himself! Do we ‘pray with conviction’? For a discussion, read this.

Songs of Ascents: Thanking God
-God provides… in so many different ways. Holy Scripture speaks eloquently of the provisions that God makes for us in many places, but a small selection of the Psalms stands out in this regard. For a discussion, read this.

God is Speaking: Are We Listening?
-God speaks… but are we listening to what He is saying? Increasingly in these days, God is speaking to whoever has ears to hear, for the time is short. He has given us of Himself, of His Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and of the Holy Spirit for our guidance through a world polluted with sin and rebellion against all things holy. For a discussion, read this.

I Will… Your Will
-When God says ‘I will’, He does. Where, then, does ‘Your will’ fit it? For a discussion, read this.

Not ‘Almost Love’ but… ‘Real Love’
-What is ‘Almost Love’? Sounds like love that is ‘not quite there’… that is unfortunately what passes many times for real love in this broken and fallen world. So what is ‘Real Love’? For a discussion, read this.

WHY Did You Get Up This Morning?
-You got up for a compelling reason this morning. Someone who loves you more than anything in this world is waiting… anxiously… for you to do something today that you have not yet done: and it is a critical something. For a discussion, read this.

The Ancient Struggle
-One against the other: it is an epic tale that has spanned many centuries. What is it? What part do we play in it? How does it end? For a discussion, read this.

Knowledge or Wisdom? Scholar or Child?
-When it comes to faith, is it better to have a scholar’s knowledge or a child’s knowledge? What saves souls and changes lives? For a discussion, read this.

Do I Have Too Much?
-Have you taken a serious look around yourself, and taken sober stock in what you have? Do you understand the provisions that God makes for us, despite our unfaithfulness to Him? For a discussion, read this.

What Does God See When You Belong to Him?
-We are all, to be sure, worthless, wretched, rotten-to-the-core sinners. Is this what God sees when He looks at us? That depends. For a discussion, read this.

The Word that Does Not Change
-God, and His Word, do not change… ever. These are the “rocks” of the Christian, to which we must cling with tenacity. For the unbeliever, the mocker, the scoffer… they are literally life-savers. For a discussion, read this.

God’s Patience… It is Running Out!!
-There is an attribute of God that has a limit, believe it or not. For a discussion, read this.

Anger: Choosing Good over Evil
-Angry? A good question in God’s eyes is ‘Why?’. For a discussion, read this.

-On June 26, 2013, the US Supreme Court rendered a decision regarding same-sex marriage that will have a profound effect on the United States. For a discussion, read this.

“Just Give Me Something… Something I Can Use”
-Does this sound like a song lyric? You would be right: but it is oh, so much more than that. For a discussion, read this.

God has Said…
-When God says something, it is enough. HOLY is His Name, GREAT is His power. For a discussion, read this.

Our Nation WILL be Judged
-Don’t think so? Think again. For a discussion, read this.

It is Time to Convict the “HELL” Out of People
-Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life… as He said. There is no way to the Father except through Him. The time is short, and the kid gloves are off, indeed! For a discussion, read this.

Seeing IS NOT Believing
-If you see something, you believe it, right? I think believing is seeing. For a discussion, read this.

-What has Jesus Christ, the Son of God, achieved for us? The greatest victory ever. For a discussion, read this.

One Sweet Day
-What is ‘one sweet day’? It is surely a day to look forward to! For a discussion, read this.

What I Must be Doing
I am a watchman on the walls for God. The signs of our times are all around us, and there are warnings to be sounded. For a discussion, read this.

-Are you a “prepper”, striving by your own strength and wits to overcome a variety of doomsday scenarios? Wouldn’t it be a far better thing to put your efforts into preparations that will pay off for an eternity? For a discussion, read this.

A Curriculum for Christ-Likeness
-Can we become more like Christ through an academic-like curriculum? Even if it were possible, would it be desirable? What would something like this be like? For a discussion, read this.

There is No Truth?
-One often hears today that truth is relative, not absolute, or that there is no truth at all. However, those statements themselves cannot be truthful if truth is relative or non-existent. There is one foundation for absolute truth that is in itself absolute truth, and that is God. For a discussion, read this.

Prophecies that Jesus Christ has Fulfilled
-Jesus Christ is the Promised Messiah… for the Jews, for everybody. He has fulfilled literally hundreds of prophecies made in Holy Scripture regarding Him. For a presentation relating to only a small subset of all of them (the total is significantly more than 360), read this.

Jesus in the Old Testament
-Did you know that Jesus Christ was present throughout the Old Testament, just not in the New Testament where He is directly mentioned? He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! For a discussion, read this.

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
-Did you know that the Holy Spirit was present throughout the Old Testament, just not in the New Testament when it was given at Pentecost? For a discussion, read this.

The Internet – Today’s Tool for Evangelizing
-The Internet is a powerful tool that potentially connects billions of people. Its potential for teaching is the most powerful humankind has ever known. We as Christians faithful to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ can use this tool to glorify God. For a discussion, read this.

Words Worth Thinking About…
-Are you confused about 911? Would you like to know why it happened? You might be surprised to understand that all of us in this nation of ours have had a hand in it. For a discussion, read this.

Complacent Religion
-Is your religion a complacent one? Ar you “good” with where you find yourself when it comes to faith in God? For a discussion, read this.

Getting Through a Day… with GOD
-Getting through a day can be hard… especially these days. How do you get through a day? Is your hope in the world and its wisdom, or is your hope in the source of all hope? For a discussion, read this.

Our Words, Our Destiny
-Are you your words? What do your words say about you? Does God care about what you say? YES… He does. For a discussion, read this.

We Are God’s Prophets
-Do you realize that we believers are God’s prophets? That’s right… not only Isaiah and Jeremiah and all of the other great men and women that we read about in Holy Scripture, but also you and I. How can this be? For a discussion, read this.

What is Joy?
-Joy sounds simple, doesn’t it? Indeed it is… when the reason for it is Jesus Christ! For a discussion, read this.

When You Can’t Find the Words…
-There are some situations that defy words. The mass killings in Newtown, Connecticut are a chilling example. For a discussion, read this.

Best Christmas Present… EVER
-Christmas is often referred to as being a magical time of year, especially by those folks who remember what it used to be like in the past. What you may not realize is that Christmas has always been magical. For a discussion, read this.

Are You “Hard of Heart?”
-For many people, you can present them with all of the proof in the world regarding God and the One that He has sent… Jesus Christ… and they will not believe. They are “hard of heart”. For a discussion, read this.

Something To Hold On To
-When people suffer, they many times look for ‘something to hold on to’. However comforting this can be, we can hold on to the wrong thing. For a discussion, read this.

We Are at War
-Believe it or not, we as Christians are at war: every hour of every day until the day we stand before God in judgment. Our foes are many, highly skilled, and utterly brutal and relentless. We must be armed, and we must be ready. For a discussion, read this.

The Sins of Men… The Forgiveness of God
-Sin is unrelenting in its attacks upon us. Fortunately, God is more than equally unrelenting in His work to free us from sin and its impacts on our lives. Sin is strong, even against those on whom His favor rests. I have wonderful news: God is stronger. For a discussion, read this.

-Simplicity is good, right? For a discussion why it can be literally life-saving, read this.

The REAL Choice in 2012… or Anytime
-People are obsessed with political campaigns, and often literally agonize over which candidate will be “the best choice”. Forget the politicians… make a lasting choice that has iron-clad guarantees. For a discussion, read this.

Ask… and ASK… and ASK AGAIN
-Prayer is the most powerful thing around, other than the Triune God. Why is this? For a discussion, read this.

Dead Men Walking
-Who are these people? For a discussion, read this.

But Who Do YOU Say I Am?
-Who do you say that Jesus Christ is? What is your answer? Do you know the enormity of the responsibility and privilege you have when you have committed yourself to belief in the One that God sent as the payment for your sins? For a discussion, read this.

The Christ is coming! The Christ is coming!
-We are living in extremely perilous times. An alarm needs to be sounded, because the time is short. God has been appealing to humanity with merciful patience for more time than it deserves… the Messiah’s second advent is at hand: will you listen to the watchmen that God provides? For a discussion, read this.

The Ultimate Mission Statement
-What is our mission as believing Christians? Can we describe it, and is there Biblical support for it? For a discussion, read this.

Relationship… What You Don’t Want to Hear
-God wants a relationship. This is serious business… for a discussion as to just how serious, read this.

Allowing the Tears
-I believe that tears please God, and we must allow them if our sorrow for sins we have committed is godly and leads to a critical action. For a discussion, read this.

To Die is to Gain
-I would prefer to die. How about you? For a discussion on why I have this preference, read this.

What Does it Mean to be “Called”?
-Are people “called” by God? What does this even mean? For a discussion, read this.

The Last Word in Praise
-What is perfect praise, and who gives it? To find out, read this.

-Jesus is the only way to the Father… for all people. For a discussion of why this is the truth, read this.

The Heresy of “Kingdom Now” Theology
-Do you believe that we can “help” God “bring” the Kingdom? For a discussion of why God doesn’t need our help in anything (as if a discussion is even really needed!), read this.

What is Value?
-People are always looking for value. If you want to know what constitutes true and lasting value, read this.

-Pontius Pilate spoke these words trying to get an angry mob to show mercy to the Lord of glory, knowing not the meaning of those words. For my perspective, read this.

-Religion can’t save you… only a right relationship to Jesus Christ can save you. For a discussion, read this.

It’s About God’s Judgment
-God is love. God is also judgment. For a discussion of these seemingly conflicting attributes, read this.

The Only Math That Matters
-Like math or don’t like math, read this.

The MOTHER of All Sins
-What is this? To find out, read this.

For Such a One as You
-How important are you to God? To find out, read this.

God Is In Control, But… The Time Is Short
-God or random chance? Control or chaos? View this for an extremely compelling video as to one man’s thoughts on his not flying one of the planes involved in 911 after he had already preferenced for that flight.

The Blood of Jesus
-Why is this so important? It isn’t magical… it is a gift, the most wonderful gift that humanity has ever received from a loving God. To find out about it, read this.

-One of the most unholy scourges among us. Read this for a discussion.

The Trinity – An Ageless Question
-What is it? This question has been asked… and answered… a great deal. For a discussion, read this.

Feeling Down?
-For a discussion on feeling depressed, and the magnificent, uplifting beauty of Psalm 77, read this.

The Fingerprints
-If you are an unbeliever, or you are among those who cannot bring themselves for whatever reason to believe that Jesus Christ is the true (and only) Messiah, read this.

What If They Do Not Believe?
-Some people will say ‘Well.. so what if someone does not believe in God and in Jesus Christ as the one He sent?’ What I say to the world is this: Christianity is the one true faith, and all others are false. For a discussion of this, read this.

A Child’s Wisdom… “The Room”
-A fictional story written by a young man that begs for a reader’s close attention. Jesus said that the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven is given to the children. Read this, and you will understand why.

Why is God ALWAYS the Last Resort?
-A good question, but unfortunately one we re-visit constantly and unnecessarily. We look for the perfect solution when the only perfect solution that has ever existed or will ever exist has been right under our noses for as long as man has been on earth. For a discussion, read this.

Haiku for the Lord
-To see praise of Almighty God by me in haiku, a Japanese poetic form, read this.

Whom Do YOU Serve?
-To whom is your allegiance? Whom do you serve? A good question because you are a slave, whether you realize it or not, to whatever or whomever has mastered you. For a discussion as to whom it is you should serve, read this.

What Is Faith?
-The book of Hebrews says ‘Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.’ For a discussion of what underpins our belief in the truth of Christianity, read this.

The Issue of Homosexuality
-According to God’s Word, the practice of homosexuality is a sin. However, in relation to other sins, it is no lesser a sin and no greater a sin. For a discussion, read this.

What Is Grace?
-Grace that comes by faith in Jesus Christ is a timeless gift. For a concise explanation of what grace is, based on the letters in the word grace, read this.

The Appointment
-Do you know that there is one appointment you are for sure not going to miss? To find out about it, read this.

Suffering and Trials: A Biblical Perspective… Parts 1 and 2
-People suffer, many times dreadfully. For a discussion of a Biblical perspective on suffering and trials, read this.

The “Life Verse”… What Is It?
-People often mention a “life verse” as being important to them. To find out why, read this.

Do You REALLY Need Proof About Jesus?
-Jesus Christ is who He said He was… the Son of God. If you require proof, read this.

The Ten Commandments
-Valid in the time of Moses, valid now, and valid forever. For a discussion as to why, read this.

God Still Speaks…
-The power of God is greater than any power of man or any power in the worlds that are both seen and unseen. For a moving testimony regarding a beautiful woman of God whose faith could not be shaken even in the face of certain death, and the effect of that faith on my life, read this.

The Holiness of God
-Our God is a holy God. For a discussion of what this means and why it is important, read this.

Why is Faith in Jesus Christ Different?
-Jesus Christ is who He said He was… the Son of God, and God Himself. Because of this, faith in Him is different from faith in anyone or anything else. For a discussion, read this.

The Scariest 23 Minutes Ever: The Cost of Unbelief
-If you are an unbeliever, and nothing much scares you… read this. Then… stop doubting, and believe!

The 23rd Psalm
-Perhaps the best known of the Psalms, so dear to so many that it has been committed to memory. What is its true meaning? For a discussion, read this.

Your “TO DO” List: Critical
-If you haven’t done this, please do, and consider doing it NOW. There is nothing more critical you will ever do than this… To see what it is, read this.

Sharing Your Faith with Confidence
-Jesus said to make disciples of all nations. Christianity is too good to keep to ourselves. For a practical “how to” start a new career as a budding evangelist, read this.

Your “TO DO” List: Important
-There is something important you should be doing regularly. For a discussion, read this.

Are YOU Lost?
-A truth that may be depended on is that, after death, you will enter the Kingdom of heaven, or you will be cast into eternal hellfire. Read this for a discussion.

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