Haiku for the LORD

Haiku for the LORD

Haiku is a Japanese poetic form. While it is widely known as consisting of 17 (and only 17) syllables, this constraint is not directly translatable from the Japanese; it mentions sounds rather than syllables, which will not always be a 1-to-1 correspondence. What may be less widely known is that an additional constraint exists in having the 17 syllables (“sounds”) broken into 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. I would greatly prefer being able to not have to break up my poetry in the 5-7-5 format, but the constraint ultimately means a more careful choice in words. Also, from haiku that I have seen, a word related to one or more of the seasons is usually also included, but here I intend to depart from what is considered pure form.

No matter what the poetic form (and especially the case with haiku given the brevity of the form), no poetry can fully describe the LORD in His majesty, power, glory and honor: men unfortunately do not have the capacity to describe the LORD, but men fortunately have the desire to do so. We owe the LORD, our “audience of one”, our best praise and most fervent worship, because He is our life. May He be glorified!

Hear thy servant, LORD:
entangled in misery;
You are my hope, LORD.

Beauty, majesty
never fading, bright burning
through eternity.

In Your secret place,
away from the eyes of men,
You reign, O my LORD.

In Your love… given.
In Your anger… crucified.
Jesus Christ… our life.

Grace grows best through trials;
the LORD’s refining fire
sears me with white heat.

Curled in thy hands, LORD,
though beseiged from every side,
thy grace is my shield.

#7 in gratitude to Ann Voskamp
Eucharisteo –
to thank You is to love You.
My soul, Thine always.

We are called to be
salt and light amidst evil
to glorify You.

Shiver… remember…
The LORD thy GOD is with you
through the blackest night.

#10 – for Hilde
Do not keep from me
joy in knowing that she lives;
the Blood is enough.

LORD, as I struggle,
be in the middle of this:
Be my shield and sword.

Hear me, O my LORD…
Thy servant lies in anguish.
Evil surrounds me.

Holy Spirit, live…
in my heart and soul, O God,
melt the frost of doubt.

Prayer does not change God:
God changes eternity
as we bend our knees.

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